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Planted Forests Facility
(formerly EFIATLANTIC)



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PLURIFOR (2016-2019) is a Sudoe Interreg project coordinated by EFIATLANTIC aiming to help with the development of regional and transnational risk management plans for forest area susceptible to biotic and abiotic hazards.
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The communications, networking and capacity building activities of the EFI Planted Forest Facility are possible thanks to core funding provided by the following organisations:

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French Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forest (France)

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Regional Council "Nouvelle Aquitaine"  (France)

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Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (Ireland)

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Regional Government of the Basque Country (Spain)

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National Institute for Research in Agronomy (France)

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Forest Research – the Research Agency of the Forestry Commission (UK)

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European Institute for Planted Forests (International)




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