Planted Forests providing Ecosystem Services and Landscape Restoration

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Coordinators: Ted Farrell and Peter Freer-Smith

Held at Dublin Castle in the heart of Dublin city.


Planted Forests and Landscape Restoration

Session 1: Restoration of Forest Landscapes 1

Key note presentation by Tim Rollinson, Chair Global Partnership on Forest Restoration:  Organisational frameworks, objectives and planning, opportunity mapping/land availability.  pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • W.L Mason & G. Kerr. (GB): Transforming planted forests in Great Britain to continuous cover forestry: the last stage in the restoration of forest cover  pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Thomas R. Fox (USA): Contributions of planted pine forests to ecosystem restoration, sustainable development and carbon sequestration in the southern United States pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Session 2: Restoration of Forest Landscapes 2

Key note presentation by Prof. J├╝rgen Bauhus, University of Freiburg pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • Alex Mosseler (Can): Field testing native North American willows for forest restoration on highly disturbed areas pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Daniel S. Soto & Peter Spathelf (Chile): Growth potential of native nothofagus species in applied intensive silvicultural systems in southern Central Chile pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Edward R. Wilson, Douglas C. Malcom, Bruce C. Nicoll & Marek J. Krasowski (GB & Can): Root growth potential in seedlings of three coniferous tree species of contrasting root branching characteristics pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Session 3: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation -REDD+

Key note presentation by Peter Holmgren, CIFOR: Planted forests - multiple contributions to multi-objectives landscapes  pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • Rahman, Akmy; Khaman, T; Kauranne, T. Finland: Potentiality of REDD+ in developing countries: perspective Bangladesh
  • Caroline Almeida Souza Jo o Paulo Ferreira da Silva; Hugo Georgio Lins de Barros (Brazil): Comparison of five commercial tree-based management systems: analysis of the potential in optimizing the outcomes of REDD+ strategies
  • Vittoria Coletta, G. Pellicone & A. Veltri (Ita): The effects of management on carbon storage in Douglas-fir planted forests (Calabria, South of Italy)

Session 4: The Contribution of Planted Forests to Sustainable Development; Policies, National & International Programmes

Key note presentation by Prof. Tony Simons, ICRAF: The contribution of planted forests to sustainable development; policies, national & international programmes pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • Subhash Yadav & S. S. Jattan (India): Role of planted forests in increasing green cover and restoration of landscapes in India
  • Laxmi Kumari Neupane (Nepal): Status of plantation forest and its carbon sink capacity in Bhaktapur district, Nepal

Providing and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Planted Forests

Session 1: Provisioning Services

Key note presentation by Prof. Markku Kanninen, University of Helsinki: Provisioning services from planted forests: trends, opportunities, and challenges pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • Michael Stephens (Aus): Planted forests in Australia - past experiences and emerging trends with commercial wood production and ecosystem services. pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • D. White, P. Clinton, T. Payn, P. Polglase, (NZ & Aus): Closing the productivity gaps in planted forests pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Robert Izlar, Jacek Siry (USA): Marketization of ecosystem services in planted pine forests of the Southern United States pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Session 2: Cultural and Social Values

Key note presentation by Dr. Aine Ni Dhubhain, University College Dublin: The social and cultural impacts of plantation forests pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Voluntary presentations:

  • Diane Burgess (Northern Ireland): Ecosystem services delivered by forestry policy in Northern Ireland pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Andrea Mastrangelo (Arg): Forestry workers in wood and cellulose chain misiones experience in Argentina
  • Craig Bullock, Jerry Hawe & Declan Little (Ire): The natural capital value of native woodland pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Laxmi Kumari Neupane & Damodar Gnawali (Nepal): Plantation forest and its role in economy

Session 3: Supporting and Regulating Services

Key note presentation by Dr Colin Price, Freelance Academic, UK: Regulating and supporting services and disservices: customary approaches to valuation, and a few surprising results

Voluntary presentations:

  • Garcia-Villabrille, Juan Daniel, Perez-Cruzado, Cesar, Crecente-Campo, Felipe, Rodriguez-Soalleiro, Roque, Dieguez-Arando, Ulises, Rojo-Alboreca, Alberto (Sp & Ger): Contribution of the Galician (NW Spain) Eucalyptus Globulus Iabill. plantations to the climate change mitigation pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Jacek P. Siry, Robert L. Izlar & Rafael DeLa Torre (USA): The role of Southern U.S pine plantations in climate change mitigation pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
  • Hui Wang & Shirong Liu (Ch): Enhancing stand stability and carbon capacity of subtropical plantation in China
  • L. Roussy, M. Briones, S. Sharry, M. Adema, M. Basiglio Cordal, G. Ciocchini, W. Abedini (Arg): The experimental center of vegetative propagation as part of the strategy of Argentinian government study and conservation of their native forest resources

Field Excursion

Dublin Mountain Partnership; Recreation, nature conservation, water protection

Lgduff/ Glendalough, Co Wicklow; Forest & water, greenhouse gas research, native woodland restoration, deer management

Avondale Forest Park

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