EFIATLANTIC maintains  and improves the databases initiated by the Project Centre "Institut Européen des Forêts Cultivées" IEFC.




An inventory of existing models related to forestry, including growth models and ecophysiological aspects of biomass models. It is linked to the FORMIS database, providing all the model equations already published.

Pests and Diseases:

An online publication providing information about the damaging agents that affect trees.


A database set up within the framework of the REINFFORCE project for adaptation of forest to climate change. It inventories all the existing trials made by the partners to identify adaptation of more than 150 species introduced in Europe since the 20 th Century. Any organisation can contribute at any time and will remain owner of the data uploaded. Objective codes are the same as those defined in the NOLTFOX project.

Tree Species Latin Names

A list initiated by REINFFORCE project to gather tree names in the FORESTRIALS database. Based on the COST action work NNEXT, a column stating what the native EU species and non-native species are has been set up.


A list of the majors storm which have affected forests in the last 50 years. It provides key figures and relevant literature.