EFIATLANTIC and IEFC Annual Meeting 2014

29.04.2014 - 29.04.2014


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The meeting took place in Bilbao - European Forest City 2014 -  on Tuesday 29th April.

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The agenda included discussions about past and future IEFC/EFIATLANTIC activities and upcoming opportunities, the elections for IEFC and EFI member representatives and presentations on the main strategic actions for the coming years. The afternoon was dedicated to an open session of presentations given by network members.

The Annual Meeting was preceeded by the FORRISK Technical Meeting on the 28th April (project partners only) and followed by the FORRISK seminar on Forest Insurance on 30th April.


Bizkaia Areto - the auditorium of the University of the Basque Country - Avenida Abandoibarra, 3, 48009 Bilbao, Vizcaya

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Morning session presentations:


2013 and 2014 activities and on-going projects


Cambio Climático Monitorización en Arboretos (CCMA)




Communications update

Networking update

New strategic document for EFIATLANTIC

Project opportunities in 2014

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Open Session presentations

I+D+i Grupo TRAGSA cooperation prospects by Francisco José Lario Leza. Grupo Tragsa - SEPI

Joint Action of the EFIATLANTIC/IEFC "Soils and Water Group" by Ander Arias González. NEIKER - Tecnalia

Soil Management: a Tool to Adapt to and Mitigate Climate Change by Lur Moragues-Saitua. NEIKER - Tecnalia

Forest Soil Disturbance Monitoring Protocol by Nahia Gartzia Bengoetxea. NEIKER - Tecnalia

Earthlab Forest: a Local Forest Monitoring Center Based on Remote Sensing and UAV Applications by Jean-Charles Samalens. Telespazio

The Frisk-Go Project: Towards a European Risk Facility for Forests by Christophe Orazio. EFIATLANTIC

Presentation of the COST action Facesmap 1201, Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management And Policy by Philippe Deuffic. IRSTEA

Forest Owners’ Perception of Risk and Insurance by Olivier Picard. CNPF

Mixed Stands in Plantation Forestry: Utopia or Opportunity? by Alejandro Cantero. HAZI

Current and Future Participation by Peter Freer-Smith. Forest Research.

Era-Net Sumforest by Annabelle Amm, Jean-Luc Peyron. GIP ECOFOR


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Stephanie Hayes

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