RoK-FOR Conference displays forestry sector capacities and expertise

State-of-the art and common research needs in Sustainable Forest Management providing Renewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Bio-based Products

14 October 2010
Residence Mer & Golf Eugénie, Biarritz, France

The RoK-FOR project ( creates research-based clusters in sustainable forest management, renewable energy, sustainable construction and bio-based products in the participating regions Aquitaine–Basque, Catalonia, Baden-Württemberg, North Karelia and cross-border cluster Croatia–Serbia.

The RoK-FOR conference in Biarritz is targeted to representatives of the RoK-FOR regions: to the business enterprises, research institutions and regional administrations. There is no conference fee.

In the conference, the participating regions display their capacities and expertise, define their strengths and complementarities, and investigate common interests for further elaboration of e.g. new joint activities in capacity building, information sharing, R&D projects and business-to-business activities.





Welcoming of the host region
François Maitia, Vice President, Regional Council of Aquitane
Amaia Barrena, Basque governement


Introduction to the conference day and our goals
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Timo J. Hokkanen, Project Coordinator


Keynote: Lead Market Initiative and Sustainable Forest Management
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Lucas Jansson, European Commission




Presentation of the RoK-FOR regions and actors
Short presentations on the forest sector in the regions by the Lead partners in each region.
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Aquitaine-Euskadi, pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Catalonia, pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Baden Wuttemberg, pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Croatia, pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Serbia, pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb North Carelia 
Summarising results of the surveys and analysis of capacities and policies in the regions:
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb R&D capacities: Christophe Orazio, EFIATLANTIC, leader of WP2
- pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Summary on relevant policies in the regions, Saana Tykkä, EFICEEC


Regional Research Agendas as a tool to strengthen connection between business, research and administration and mobilise financing sources for research-based clusters

Brief introduction to the session
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Ignacio Lopez, CTFC, leader of WP 3

Keynote: State-of-the-play of FTP SRA
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Alain Bailly, FCBA, FTP France
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Gabriel Poveda, FTP Spain

Short introduction to Regional Research Agenda work: presentation of methods and framework for regional research agenda development
pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Ignacio Lopez, CTFC


Introduction of participants in the poster session representing the three Lead Markets
Päivi Pelli, European Forest Institute




Poster session: come and meet the RoK-FOR regions




Interactive sessions defining common research needs and complementing capacities
Moderator: Inazio M. Arano, USSE


Concluding of the conference



For further information about the project, please contact your regional contact point:

North Karelia / Finland:
Timo Hokkanen
Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Karelia, Joensuu
timo.hokkanen(at), tel. +358 400 884 769

Aquitaine / France:
Christophe Orazio
EFIATLANTIC, 69 route d'Arcachon, Cestas Cedex
christophe.orazio(at), tel. +33 (0) 557 122 855

Basque Country / Spain:
Ander González Arias
NEIKER-Tecnalia, the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Derio (Bizkaia)
agonzalez(at), tel. (+34) 944 034 300

Catalonia / Spain:
Ignacio López Vicens
CTFC Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya, Solsona (Lleida)
ignacio.lopez(at), tel. (+34) 973 48 17 52 ext 302

Baden-Württemberg / Germany:
Simon Boden
Institute for Forest Growth, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg
simon.boden(at), tel. +49 (0) 761-203-97615

Dijana Vuletic, Silvija Krajter or Hrvoje Marjanovic
Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko, Department of Forest Management and Forestry Economics, Zagreb, Croatia
dijanav(at), silvijak(at), hrvojem(at), tel. +385 1 6273000

Sasa Orlovic or Galic Zoran
Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment (ILFE), Novi Sad, Serbia
sasao(at), galicz(at), tel. +381 21 540 383