How to limit propagation of Pine Wood Nematode (PWN) in Europe
Tentative agenda

Wednesday the 12th field visit

Thursday 13th of January 2011, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
Edificio administrativo de la Xunta de Galicia, c/ Fernández Ladreda, 43

Note that simultaneous interpretation
is arranged in Spanish-English-French

Aims of the meeting

Provide decision makers and forest sector organisations up to date information about Pine Wood Nematode problem in the Iberian Peninsula. The morning will be dedicated to scientific presentations providing unbiased information on the nematode and it's vectors (cerambycid beetles in the genus Monochamus). The afternoon will  enable decision makers and regional authorities to analyse harmonized monitoring and management measures and to propose scientific, technical and legal improvements to limit the spread of nematode.

Who should attend?

Any person involved in biotic risk management is welcome to this conference: scientists, administrators, forest owners, forest managers. Forest sector stakeholders concerned with transportation of wood or wood products, including those involved in harvesting, dealing with wood and processing wood.


8:30 Registration
9:00 Official opening

(Delegate from Xunta en Pontevedra, Director General de Montes, Director General de Producción Agropecuaria, Jefe Territorial de Medio Rural de Pontevedra, EFI representative)

Session I Basic knowledge on biology and legal issue related to Pine wood nematode
Moderator: Ted Farrell. Chairman of EFIATLANTIC advisory group

9:15 Adela Abelleira Argibay. Chief of nematology unit, Areeiro Phytopathology station. Diputación de Pontevedra
“Pine wood nematode biology ( Bursaphelenchus xylophilus): diagnostic of Bursaphelenchus genus” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

9:45 Juan Alberto Pajares Alonso. Professor at the University Research Institute on Sustainable Forest Management . University of Valladolid.
“Ecology and management of Monochamus galloprovincialis, pine wood nematode vector” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

10:15 José María Cobos Suárez. General Subdirector at primary production health, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino, Madrid
“Current and future European legislation to prevent Pine wood nematode nematode infestations.” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

10:45 Discussion

11:00 Coffee break

Session II Scientific knowledge on nematode control
Moderator: Gabriel Toval. Forest Investigation Centre of Lourizán. Dirección General de Montes. Xunta de Galicia

11:15 Edmundo Manuel R. Sousa. Researcher from Silviculture and Forest Products Unit in the National Institute of Biological I.P./I.N.I.A. Oeiras. Portugal
“Current scientific knowledge in Portugal about nematode pine wood disease” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

11:45 Hiroshi Hoshi.  Director of Breeding Division, Tohoku Regional Breeding Office, Forest Tree Breeding Center(FTBC), Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI).
"Learning from pine breeding for resistance to pine wood nematode in Japan" pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

12:15 Marta Vasconcelos. Researcher in biotechnology from Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), Porto, Portugal
“Biotechnological tools to fight against Bursaphelenchus xilophilus on P. pinaster pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

12:45 Hugh Evans. Head of Forest Research in Wales. Forestry Commission, UK
“Results from PHRAME project (Plant Health Risk and Monitoring Evaluation), and aims of the new project REPHRAME” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

13:15 Discussion

13:30 Lunch

Session III Contingency plans
Moderator: Enrique Martínez Chamorro. Chief of regional forest service in Pontevedra. Xunta de Galicia

14:45 José Manuel Rodrigues. Chief of Division from Forest National Authority in Portugal.
"The national action plan for the pine wood nematode in Portugal: Stategy and ongoing actions” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

15:15 Gerardo Sánchez Peña. Chief of Service for Forest protection against damaging agents. Dirección General de Gestión del Medio Natural Política Forestal. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino, Madrid
“Measures for detection, identification, prevention, control and eradication of pine wood nematode in Spain according to the phytosanitary rules” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

15:45 Ramón Lamelo Otero. Chief of Service of health and vegetable production. Consellería de Medio Rural. Xunta de Galicia
“Galician pine wood monitoring plan in forest, sawmills and imported wood” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

16:15 Pedro Mansilla Vázquez. Manager Areeiro phytopathology station. Diputación de Pontevedra
“Pine wood monitoring in Galicia since 1999” pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

16:45 Discussion

17:00 Round table to identify priorities, needs and opportunities for trans-boundary and trans-regional cooperation: pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

  • Monitoring and Forest management
  • Wood trade
  • Research needs
  • Mid and long term perspectives: to what extend is the Nematode a game changing factor? are there needs for radical changes in forestry in Atlantic Europe? is it possible to maintain a pine based forestry value chain in the long term?

Moderator: Christophe Orazio. EFIATLANTIC Head of Office.

Participants: Speakers + Organising Committee + Sector representatives

Ana Orons. Galician Federation of Sawmuills and Wood Processors of Galicia (FEARMAGA) pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

Fernando Trénor. Federación Española del Envase de Madera y sus Componentes (FEDEMCO) pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb
Inazio Martínez Arano. Union of South West Europe Silvicultors (USSE)
Rosario Alves. Portuguese Forest Owners Association (Forestris)
Francisco Dans del Valle. Technological Forest Galician Platform. DEVESA
Roque Rodríguez Soalleiro. Selvicultura's titular teacher of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Campus of Lugo pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb

pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Recommendations, comments , controversy and gap of knowledge identified during the debate

18:30 Event Closure 

pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Agenda: Spanish version 

pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Field trip agenda: English version

pdf_icon.gif : 1Kb Field trip agenda: Spanish version

Organizing committee :

  • Christophe Orazio
  • Gabriel Toval
  • Dominique Piou
  • Herve Jactel
  • Hugh Evans
  • Fermin Olabe
  • Julio Diez
  • Francisco Dans Del Valle
  • Inazio Martinez


Online registration is opened;

Fees for the field triep : 20€
Fees for the nematode day : 20€

For presentation proposals contact Christophe Orazio
email : firsname.lastname {at}

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