The EVOLTREE Network 


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EVOLTREE aims to link the four major disciplines (Ecology, Genetics, Genomics and Evolution) to address global issues that European forests are currently facing, such as environmental changes and the erosion of biodiversity. During four years of the EU support - from 2008 to 2011 - EVOLTREE developed the necessary experimental and monitoring infrastructures and created a wide range of physical and electronic resources on which long term research can be built upon.

On 1st January 2011, the network was extended under the umbrella of the European Forest Institute’s (EFI) network, with 23 research groups in 13 European Countries.

In January 2015, 13 new partners joined the consortium, bringing the total number of partners to 32 research groups in 23 European countries, as well as Israel.

Find out about the network's activities and funding initiatives:


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