Partners and associated partners of PLURIFOR Project to meet on 24 January

05.01.2017 15:25

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The partners and associated partners of the PLURIFOR Project will meet on 24 January in Bilbao.

The former will present the ways in which eight forest risks are currently managed in Portugal and in the regions of New Aquitaine (France), the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and Castille and Leon (Spain). The main aim is to identify the strengths, weaknesses and areas which need to be improved within current management practices.

After comparing management practices on a regional level, risk specialised work groups will spend the next two days improving the forest risk management plans by incorporating new procedures and tools in a transnational way.

PLURIFOR is an Interreg Sudoe project coordinated by EFIATLANTIC aiming to develop transnational management plans for biotic and abiotic forest risks.

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Stephanie Hayes

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