New ERA-NET SUMFOREST project: Benchvalue

05.01.2017 15:25

Benchvalue sets out to compare the environmental impact of wood raw material and non-renewable raw material used in construction.

The project, funded by ERA-NET SUMFOREST and coordinated by EFI, will compare the environmental impact of wood raw material with that of nonrenewable material used in construction.

In order to do this, a tool that was developed in a previous European project, ToSIA (Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment), will be used in case studies to be carried out in 7 European countries: Austria, France, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden.

As the amount of wood in construction is steadily increasing, its environmental value must be quantitatively documented. This project will demonstrate the validity of tools like ToSIA when comparing the impacts of diverse production chains for a range of products and contexts.

The FRENCH partners involved in the case study on Douglas fir in the area of Limousin are the FCBA, the University of Limoges and EFIATLANTIC.



Stephanie Hayes

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