Open Space Workshop on sustainable development indicators in construction

11.07.2017 18:26

Bordeaux, France (Palais des congrès, Avenue Jean-Gabriel Domergue)

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The technological institute, FCBA, EFIATLANTIC and the Univesity of Limoges all take part in the European project BenchValue, funded by SUMFOREST. The aim of the project is to develop a versatile benchmarking method to compare  renewable wood-based and non-renewable value chains and to quantify the sustainability impacts and climate change mitigation potential of substituting non-renewable with wood-based materials to support decision makers in policy and market environment.

As part of this project, a workshop is being organised in order to compile a list of  priority indicators to assess the performance of buildings in terms of sustainable development. This list will directly contribute to BenchValue, but it will also serve as a reference document for other applications.

Regional representatives from relevant groups and organisations have been invited to this workshop, from sustainability assessment experts to construction engeeniring experts, in order for them to highlight and discuss the aspects of sustainable development that seem the most important when comparing different solutions for construction materials.





Stephanie Hayes

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