Europewide collection of plant material by GENTREE partners in 2017

19.12.2017 17:34

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Coordinated by Bruno Fady (INRA), this ambitious project with 8 million Euros of funding promotes the optimisation and the sustainable management of genetic resources in Europe.

It aims to increase current knowledge on spatial variation of genetic and phenotypic diversity and to characterise the European network of in situ conservation units, as well as to develop ex situ conservation strategies. It will also produce the models and recommendations for the future use of genetic resources available in Europe.

Its main activity in 2017, which actively involved all 22 project partners, was the collection of plant material to extract DNA from trees on different sites all over Europe. This DNA will be used to analyse the genetic diversity of the populations, together with phenotypic data also collected during 2017 in most sites.

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Photo by Santiago González Martínez

Seeds were also collected in some of the species and sites in order to compare levels of genetic adaptation and plasticity during early growth stages by studying germination of seeds and first growth in common gardens established on contrasted European sites.

Based on this work, two task will then revise breeding strategies for improving forest tree species, and conservation strategies to preserve valuable genetic resources, in particular by identifying gaps in EUFORGEN’s network of conservation units.

These activities have been fully described in the two GENTREE newsletters this year and a dedicated project brief.

EFI’s mission in this project is to coordinate the Work Package “Adapting management and policies to optimise the use of forest genetic resources", in which EFIATLANTIC works on comparing micro-economic effects of different forest management scenarios starting from stand establishment (regeneration).

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