Policy support

EFI aims at supporting EU policies and decision makers by providing unbiased information on a relevant scale.

EFI headquarters in Joensuu
and the Barecelona office, EFIMED, are more active in this field, but EFIATLANTIC is involved in the activities listed below:


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  • The update of research needs and actions required to improve networking in the Atlantic area focusing on planted forests: The strategic agenda is a useful tool for national and regional advocacy, and also for improving the integration of stakeholder expectations on a regional level.



  • Promotion of regional research priorities and capacities on a European level, and contribution to discussions on forests and plantation forestry throughout the European Atlantic rim region: A first set of research priorities for the forest sector was listed in 2003 in the framework of IMACFORD consultation and was updated in the ROKFOR project in 2013.


  • Participation in the setting up of a European Risk Facility: several European reports, including " Living with Storms " (EFI What Science Can Tell Us series) written by Barry Gardiner et al, (a follow up to the European study "Destructive Storms in Forests: Past and Forthcoming Impacts" coordinated by EFIATLANTIC), state the need to coordinate initiatives and means for managing forest risks. EFIATLANTIC is associated with the project FRISK-GO ( www.friskgo.org) coordinated by EFICENT which aims to set up a risk facility in order to fulfill this objective. EFIATLANTIC has actively contributed to this project by organising a biotic risk workshop in Arcachon in June 2014, participating in a workshop on storms , and contributing to the production of two key documents: the Scoping Study and the Faisability Study.


  • Contribution to THINKFOREST: like all the other EFI units and partners, EFIATLANTIC is asked to suggest subjects for THINKFOREST and to contribute to the studies and initiatives it proposes, in order to bring objective information based on scientific research to the European Parlement and other policy forums.


  • Participation in committees and expert group meetings throughout the Atlantic area:  RMT aforce, post Klauss storm consultation for the reconstruction of the Landes region in Aquitaine, the Forest Technology Platform national support group, the XYLOFUTUR scientific committee, national forest wood expert group, expert group for the updating of sustainable forest management indicators, FAO group working on planted forests and adaptation to climate change.


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