Changes in planted forests and future global implications by T Payn, J-M Carnus, P Freer-Smith, M Kimberley, W Kollert, S Liu, C Orazio, L Rodriguez, L Neves Silva, M J. Wingfield.

An IUFRO Task Force (Sustainable planted forests for a greener future) paper, published in Forest Ecology and Management on 7 September 2015


Planted forest health: The need for a global strategy by M. J. Wingfield,E. G. Brockerhoff, B. D. Wingfield, B. Slippers

Published in a special issue on Forest Health of the Science magazine, 21 August 2015


Publications from the 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests 2013:

Both html and pdf versions of all the papers are available in the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science.

"Planted forests are a vital resource for future green economies"


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FORRISK Technical Guide:Integrated Risk Management in Planted Forests


The FORRISK technical guide aims to provide forestry stakeholders tools and results from the FORRISK project in order to set up integrated and trans-border forest risk management systems.

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Forest Pests and Diseases


This directory gives key information on the biology, symptoms, damage, and control methods of the major pests and pathogenic fungi affecting different tree species throughout Europe.

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Reinfforce Arboretum and Demonstration Site Catalogue

A summary of the work achieved after 5 years of efforts to set up the REINFFORCE infrastructure.

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The Influence of Climate Change on European Forests and the Forest Sector
- A RoK-FOR project publication


In English
En fran├žais

Climate change resulting from fossil fuel emissions could create adverse conditions for the forest sector if policy to mitigate the effects of climate change is not actively implemented. This booklet gives facts and figures about the reality of climate change, goes into detail about the consequences for forests and explores the changes needed in terms of policy and forest sector activity in order for forests to adapt to climate change. 


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Living with Storm Damage to Forests

Publication no. 3 in the What Science Can Tell Us series


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